Some Ideas for the Right Daily Stock Picks For Day Traders

Dealing with the right daily stock picks for day traders is a bit challenging yet tricky. That still becomes the mystery which often makes the day traders feel that really frustrated when they have to deal with the right stock picks. However, it would not be that really difficult as long as the traders know really well about how to pick the daily stocks if they are the day traders. Trading is something challenging with a lot of great risks which any traders need to deal with. That becomes the reasons why trading is said to be the activities which require both theory and experience or application that much. The theory about trading is needed in order to support the solution in trading or the methods or ways in trading.

stock picks for day traders

The day traders also have the great risk to notice. Day trader is the trader who buys and also sells the stocks at the same day. That may be something interesting of the trading since the risk of the loss can be a bit lower. That is because the stocks are bought and also for sale within the same day so that the stocks would not be hold for the long time which may require the trader to deal with the higher loss even the profit can be much higher as well if it is possible to be reached. One of the essential points that all day traders need to notice is about the right pick of the daily stocks. Below, we have some ideas in dealing with the ways in dealing with the daily stock picks for day traders which all day traders need to know.

daily stock pick for day trader

Limit your Focus

What is meant by limiting your focus is that you need to focus only to some stocks. It is recommended to be one or two stocks for you to focus on. That will make your trading a bit simpler and of course more effective. It can also be a good idea in dealing with the right daily stock picks for day traders. You can consider the stocks which are totally popular on the top or even the stocks which are suitable based on the trading performance of your past. That is about your preferences as well.

daily stock pick for day traders

Utilizing the Social Media

Nowadays internet makes anything much simpler if we really know how to utilize it properly. In dealing with the solution of the right daily stock picks for day traders, which can provide the great profit or the lower risk of loss, we can utilizing the social media. The social media will help you in effectively scanning the trading market. However, when you are dealing with the social media, you need to be totally objective. Always refer to the real facts and do not allow the news or social media affect your stock views without any factual reasons.

daily stock picks for day trader

Noticing the Trade History of Yours

The past trading history will be the essential thing you can use for the right daily stock picks for day traders.  What you can do is looking back over the history of your past trading and gets the ideas. That will be much more effective than you have to go around finding some advices from people. Tracking your own performance on the past trading will help you explaining the factors which make you stuck. That is the worth to try method in dealing with the right pick of the stocks.

daily stock picks for day traders

High Volume Stock

Trading the stocks which have the high volumes can be the ideas in dealing with the right stock picks for the daily trading. That is the effective way for the daily trading. You can see the high volume stocks from the platform screener. However, if you could not find it on your trading platform, you can simply get the idea from various other sources in order to select the right daily stock picks for day traders.

Some Ideas for the Right Daily Stock Picks For Day Traders
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Best Way to Invest in Penny Stocks

Investing your money in penny stocks is great but it is also considered as tricky investment. Because of that, you should know the best way to invest in penny stocks. There are several things you need to consider. The information below helps you to understand about how to invest in penny stock well.

Learn the Cause of Loosing Money in Penny Stocks

best way to invest in penny stock

Some beginner penny stocks investors are failed to win the trade. As the result, they are losing their money. Actually, you can limit this risk. In this case, you should know the causes. For example, there is a possibility that you are lack of information about penny stocks or the company which offers you the penny stocks. There is also no minimum standard in Penny stock trading. Sometimes the risk is also about the level of liquidity. It happens when it is hard for you to find sellers. In this condition, penny stock investors tend to reduce the price and the penny stock no longer profitable for them. It is not a good condition for investor and it makes them successfully sell the stock but they don’t get anything.

Learn the Strategy to Invest in Penny Stock

best way to invest in penny stocks

Selling penny stock is not the same with selling ordinary product. You have to sell it with strategy. Because of that, don’t forget to learn the strategy first. At least, there are two different strategies so you can do the best way to invest in penny stocks. First, you can choose to take sell quick strategy. In this strategy, you are not expected to get high return in a few days. As long as you get return around 20% up to 30%, you just sell your penny stock. It is a great strategy so you can earn money or return continuously. Second, it is also possible for you to take buy and hold strategy. The idea of this strategy is finding the cheap penny stocks. Then, you are keeping it until specific time. So, when you have to sell your penny stocks? In this strategy, you have to wait until the price is increase or high enough than buying price. If you see this condition, you can sell your penny stocks.


Try to Get Penny Stocks with High Volume Stock

best way to invest in stocks

It is a good way to invest in penny stocks especially in the beginning. You just need to find stock that trade 100.000 shares a day. The trick is trying to stick with 50 cents stocks or more. There is a case that you can find less than 50 cents stocks and it is also considered as a high volume stock. It sounds attracting but most professional penny stocks traders don’t take it. Even, it is not recommended at all to take.

Don’t Trade Too Much

the best way to invest in penny stock

Just because you can earn money from the beginning of the trading, it doesn’t mean that you are trading too much. The trick is don’t trade more than 10% of daily volume. This is because it will be difficult for you to unload the big bloc stock.

Asking Help from Broker

the best way to invest in penny stocks

If you think it is hard to invest penny stocks but you still want to try it, choose to use a broker. As a broker, the company helps you to decide everything about best way to invest in penny stocks. They will do everything from the beginning up to the end in which you can earn money from this penny stocks trading. Of course, you need to spend extra money if you take a help from a broker but it is worth enough especially if you take a help from a reputable penny stock broker.

Best Way to Invest in Penny Stocks
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How To Get Started Trading Penny Stocks and Limit the Risks

It seems that all of beginner penny stock investors really want to know how to get started trading penny stocks. Of course, what they are expected is the benefit from this investment. But you should know that it is a must to learn penny stocks trading slowly. You have to make sure that you are understands with this investment before starting your trading.

how to get started trading penny stocks

Change Your Mindset First

What is the relationship between your mindset and how to get started trading penny stocks? Most first time investors think that they will get a lot of money on their first trading. Of course it is totally wrong because penny stock trading is different than any other investment. Because of that you have to understand that starting penny stock trading means that you have to face long time process. Sometimes you win the trading but sometimes you also have to lose your money.

how to get started trading penny stock


Read the Disclaimer

It is important to read the disclaimer before starting trading penny stocks. From the disclaimer you know the truth about what you get and what you don’t get. Even, you know the real risks if you take penny stock trading. From the information, you can consider first whether you want to try it or leave it. After reading the disclaimer completely, the decision is yours!

How To Get Started Trading Penny Stocks and Limit the Risk


Sell Your Penny Stocks Right Away

The main reason why beginner penny stock investors loses their money because they are waiting too long. This is because they expect bigger return from the penny stock selling. So, the trick is that instead of waiting too long for bigger return, it is better to sell your penny stock right away. For example, you don’t have to wait until you get 1.000% return, if you see that you can get around 20% up to 30% return just decide to sell it. This trick seems to give you small return but imagine the long term earning. Again, you should change your mindset that penny stock trading is the way to get a lot of money faster.

How To Get Started Trading Penny Stocks and Limit the Risks


Focus on High Volume Penny Stock

While concentrate of selling your penny stock as soon as possible, don’t forget to focus on choosing high volume penny stock. The trick is choosing penny stock with at least 100.000 shares per day. It is better not to take penny stock with low volume. The problem with low volume penny stock is the difficulty to move from the position.

How To Get Started Trading Penny

Don’t Trade in Large Position

Just because you are successfully get earning it doesn’t mean that you have to trade in large position. It is better for you to trade around 10%of the stock. Even, most experts said that it is a must for you to limit your share size. The purpose of doing it is to make sure to get out of the stock quicker.

How To Get Started Trading Penny Stock and Limit the Risks


Don’t Start the Trading Without Knowledge

It is not an ordinary investment. To get earning you need to know the strategy including in starting the penny stock trading. For example, instead directly starting the penny stock trading right away, you can just slow down. You can start by doing research first. Learn everything about the company, the penny stock program, and many more. It is important to make sure that you have enough information before really start the trading. The information can limit fatal risks while doing the penny stock trading.

How To Get Started Trading Penny stocks in usa

Now, you know how to get started trading penny stocks. You don’t need to do it in hurry. Just do it slowly but sure. You may complete the information first and learn everything about penny stock. Then, you can start to trade and see good result or achievement from the penny stocks trading.


How To Get Started Trading Penny Stocks and Limit the Risks
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Steps of How To Buy and Trade Penny Stocks

It is possible for you to be an investor although you only have limited money to invest. The possible way to take is by taking penny stock. This is how you can buy low price shares from small public companies. By following this investment, you just trade not more than $5 per share. So, if it is your first time to deal with penny stocks, you should learn first about how to buy and trade penny stocks.

how to buy and trade penny stocks


The Place to Find Penny Stocks

Because you are about to trade penny stocks, it means you should know where to find it first. What you have to do is visiting regular exchanges to get penny stocks. Those are including Nasdaq and NYSE. You can check the penny stock trading on over the counter bulleting board and pink sheet. Before buying penny stock from specific company, you should find the detail of the company first. This is including the financial statement of the company. By reading the company’s profile you know the vision of the company in the future and for the benefit of your penny stocks trading.


how to buy and trade stocks


Purchase Penny Stocks

After finding the place to find the place to buy penny stock, you have to buy it. There are several steps you need to do before getting your penny stock for your investment. First, you have to visit the official website of the company which offers you the penny stocks. Then, you can start to create an investment account. It is easy to do because most of companies will serve you with online form to complete. The thing you should need to consider is that you need to spend money to choose the penny stocks platform. Just make sure that you take the best one for you. Second, by the time you got your account, it is the time to buy your penny stocks. Because you want to buy it, you have to transfer specific amount of money as a deposit. You can use the deposit to buy penny stocks you have analyzed before. Decide the quantity of the penny stock and your deposit will automatically reduce by the time you buy the penny stock.

how to buy and trade penny stock


Penny Stocks Trading

Let’s continue the explanation about how to buy and trade penny stocks. Now, you have your penny stock. The next thing to do is trading your penny stocks to earn money. You can’t sell your penny stock just like what you want. In this step, you have to monitor your investment. It is important to monitor your investment because the value of penny stock is changing rapidly. Moreover, if you know the investment condition you can also decide the best action whether you have to move on or stay. So, when do you have to sell your penny stocks? Actually, you are allowed to sell your penny stock when the performance is high enough. Don’t forget to learn about penny stock trading strategy so you know how to deal with it. Remember! Penny stock investment is not only about earning money but also loosing it and it is the main risk. Penny stock is also not the fastest way to be rich. There is process you need to face before enjoying the result. Because of that it is a must for you to keep investing on penny stocks. While investing, you can learn from your mistake and try to use new or better strategy so you don’t have to lose your money over and over again. Research also has an important role so you can limit the risk and get bigger chance to earn money from penny stocks.

how to buy and trade penny

Hopefully, the information about how to buy and trade penny stocks here helps you to be an investor right away. There is still possibility that you will be a professional penny stock investor in the future

Steps of How To Buy and Trade Penny Stocks
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How to Make Money on Penny Stocks Easily

Penny stocks are a kind of stocks chosen by people to invest their money. What is penny stock? Penny stock comes from penny meaning nominal value of money in America that is very low. Penny stocks can be said that it is a kind stock with small nominal. Small stocks become soft play in practicing stocks. It is caused that the price is relatively up and down quickly so that it is risky to have transaction in high stocks. To start this stock, you can apply these steps on how to make money on penny stocks.

How to Make Money on Penny Stocks Easily

Recognizing Penny Stocks

There are many investors getting interested in these stocks because the price is suddenly increasing. Many investors think to try this stock. They expect to gain profits in running the stock. But, in some cases, the investors tend to be often loss because it is overpowered by stock sides. So, the investors tend to rely on the kindhearted of city stocks. The city stock is meant an institution or personal having sufficient fund to move a kind of stocks. Almost all stocks can be made money. But, the most often stock is second – tier stock and third – tier stocks. Why could it be? It is caused that the city stock only requires little fund to operate and control the market. Moreover, the first – tier stock is owned by many investors. It is more difficult to move thousand investors than hundred investors.

How to Make Money on Penny Stocks Easily

The Characteristics of Penny Stocks

You need to recognize which one the penny stock is operated and chosen. It is used to avoid you getting trapped in a loss situation. There are some characteristics of penny stocks to know. Penny stocks have low market capitalization so that you need to increase it. It is not liquid and often not transacted in a certain period of time. But, if it is possibly transacted, it can be used for one time transaction. It is very appropriate for beginners. The price of penny stocks is relatively cheap about 5000 dollars per a transaction. It actually has no border about this price matter. The management of company usually get closed and unclear fundamental. The price of the penny stocks is often increasing and decreasing without any reasons and often gets suspended. The price of stock is random. If IHSG gets up, it doesn’t mean to get up and vice versa. To run this business, you must be careful. There are many investors being the victims. You have to know the ways on how to make money on penny stocks.

How to Make Money on Penny Stock Easily

The Ways on How to Make Money on Penny Stocks

There are some tips and tricks to do if you want to stay in the way of penny stocks. These tips can help you to enjoy the profits and income of penny stocks. Firstly, don’t involve all of your money that you have in this stock. It is fairly enough to spend 10 % of your investment total. When you buy penny stocks, please buy it gradually. If you buy many stocks and identified by city stock, it is possibly making you to be a delicious meal for them. You must also concern the increase of penny stock price. If it is too high, it is better to postpone your intention and wait it for the other occasions. Finally, you must consider and understand the working principles of city stocks. They often use a cool term of cornering in which it throws an issue on stock exchange. Then, they create a fake request on the stock target so that it looks many investors interested in that stock. The investors will get trapped in that stock because they involved in the purchase of that stock. You must be careful and aware of the steps on how to make money on penny stocks.

How to Make Money on Penny Stock

How to Make Money on Penny Stocks Easily
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How to: Starting Penny Stock Company

How to start a penny stock company? First of all you should know about the world you landed in. And by knowing we mean investing. Even though you are an expert in this thing, actually you need to know several things that will be really useful for you before one day establishing a company of penny stock with your own name. Are you interested? Well, check this out.

how to start penny stock company

Doing the homework

There are several factors that will add the risk in penny stocks and you should know about that. It is really important to understand things that will be the obstacle in your business. At least there are three points that will increase the risk in penny stock world. Lack of information and too little in history about investments will be the first thing on the list. So, before you know how to start a penny stock company, you should have enough information and enough history.

start a penny stock company

The other thing you should know is the minimum standards. Most penny stocks have no minimum standards. Meanwhile, minimum standard is the safety cushion that will be placed between you as the investor and the seller.

Finding a good buyer in penny stock world can be so difficult for sure. And if this happens to you then you should give lower prices for them and sometimes it is no longer profitable too. Well, it is not a win-win solution for sure. But, if you have good experience, this condition should have happened.

Choosing strategy

After you finished the homework, you can start to choose the strategy. Strategy is needed to get the best result. Other than that, it is also important if you want to establish a penny stock company under your name.

how to start a penny stocks company


Completing the technical analysis can be the first step you can do. Research is the key to do that. But you should not trust what the company management said because they are paid to do that. They have to keep the stock up then they will gain the profit.

Short penny stocks could be good for some people but it could not be the same for others. Doing the short penny stocks is something like gambling. Meanwhile, if you want to lose money that fast, you can try that thing. But of course you do not intend to lose anything, right?

start a penny stocks company

Trading strategy is also needed to be chosen. If you want to optimize your succeed then you have to choose a strategy. There are two basic strategies you can choose. The first is “Sell Quickly” which will assure you to sell the investment once you can reach 20% or 30%. You are not recommended to wait until 1000%. The next strategy you can consider is the “Buy and Hold” strategy. This strategy requires cheap stocks and all you need is keeping them until certain time. If you are holding the most stocks, then it is the winning bet but if they are just penny stocks then it is not a win-win proposition.

The other option you can choose is the high-volume stocks especially if this is your first start. If you want to get the stocks with good liquidity that will be so safety to be traded, it is better to get stocks with at least 100000 shares in one day.

how to start a penny stock company

And the next step you should look is the stocks with earning breakouts experience. If you have the stocks with 52-week high riding based on the product launch will be a fair game especially if the trade is more than 250000 in one day. These tips are useful before you know how to start a penny stock company.


How to: Starting Penny Stock Company
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Some Good Penny Stocks to Buy If You Want to Invest Your Money

The internet has become an important part of modern society these days. You can get so much information from the internet and you can use the internet for various purposes as well. These days, you even can use the internet to get your own cash. There are various choices of online business that you can choose if you want to invest your money and get some profits. One of the best investments that are available online these days is penny stocks.


what are some good penny stocks to buy


Buying stock has become one of the most popular types of investment for years. There are many benefits that you can get if you choose to buy stock as your investment. Most stocks these days are offered with quite high price. However, you also can find penny stock on the market as well. Penny stock is the type of stock that is traded with value less than one US dollar per share. Since it’s quite affordable, no wonder that there are many people who choose this type of stock as their investment.


what are some good penny stocks


These days you can trade your stocks online. Thanks to the internet that allows online stock trading to happen. Even though penny stock is considered to have quite high risk, this type of investment is also still considered as great investment by many people. As long as you know which penny stock that you should buy, you will be fine. Below are some great recommendations of penny stocks that will be excellent choices of investment for you.


some good penny stocks to buy


  1. Aerotech (NASDAQ: ARTX)

Aerotech is named as one of the companies that capitalize the biggest growing industries these days. This company is a manufacturing and defense design company that capitalize virtual reality and drone industries. This company services about 80% of global aviation industry that grows these days. Aerotech mostly create and develop technology for law enforcement and military. The stock of this company is considered quite promising for investors.

some good penny stocks


  1. Mueller Water Products, Inc. (NYSE: MWA)

As one of the biggest fire hydrant manufacturer in the US, Mueller Water Products have sold more than 3 million products. One fire hydrant is sold for $1000. Even though hydrant is a product that can last for decades, the seal and the gasket of a hydrant may not last that long. When the seal and gasket are worn out, the hydrant needs to be replaced with the new one. This is the main reason of why you should buy this company’s stock. MWA is also known for their low commodities prices. This factor can increase the profit margins which is also good for investment as well.

what are some good penny stock to buy


  1. Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc (VRX)

Other great penny stock that you can choose as investment these days is from VRX. Even though this company experienced little problem in the past that reduce its stock by 82% in the last twelve months, the penny stock from this company is still a great choice for you due to its low price. Valeant Pharmaceuticals is biotech industry that trades its stock in affordable price.

what are some good penny stock


  1. Twitter Inc (TWTR)

There are many social media companies these days. One of the biggest social media companies in the world is Twitter Inc. Most people have Twitter account these days. This company uses their huge amount of users to make profit. This makes stock from Twitter as one of the best penny stocks to invest these days.

what is a good penny stocks to buy


  1. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA)

Alibaba stock sales are predicted to grow 30% over the next 2 years. This growth will make this company as the largest retailer globally. These days, Alibaba is named as one of the best penny stock to invest with $200 billion market capitalization and $18 billion supplementary investment. If you’re looking for stock with affordable priced but offers good investment, penny stock from Alibaba is definitely the good choice for you.


Some Good Penny Stocks to Buy If You Want to Invest Your Money
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Best Buying of Penny Stocks for Reference

Before we discuss further about how too buy your penny stocks and what is the best penny stock to buy, you should go further to get the main point from the penny stocks. Most of the penny stocks have the equities that less than one dollar per stocks. The selling in the over counter market, where the listing requirements and the oversight regularly is more lax than the other. Sure, this is because most of the OTC market had been in up and upper.

what is the best penny stock to buy

Although the Penny stock is popular with their subset from the investor because of their incredible upside. The selling like the rate swing that able gets the dramatic price and the investors will easier for stocks to go with the 50 cents until 45 than go from $50 until $500.

As we know that Penny stock give you higher risk chance, so you should get consideration before you start buy your Penny stock. But it is not about the risk that you will get. You also can get the best result, if you know deeper about the penny stock and take the prevention action to prevent the higher risk. If you are a beginner, you will get a lot of difficulties about how to buy the Penny stocks and what is the best penny stock to buy.


the best penny stock to buy


Here some tips for the beginners who want get the Penny stocks:

1, Considerate your aim

the best penny stock

The penny stocks promoter will give you big story about the company that will ready to blow up and change the world with their product. You cannot hold this story and you should always determine your aim. If the company is the best legit company, they will never been Penny stocks. They will trade with the AMEX or NYSE where the companies really fill the requirements for the SEC offering and have the higher stock price. Always be realistic about the penny stock. But you still able to use these companies for profit.


2, Always adjust your profit hope.

the best penny

Do not get the hyper hope from the promoter that connect your profit tat will grow rapidly, you need to keep your trades small and you know your amount to help you prevent from the bet your own damage and get the wider loss. Do not push to get your biggest winning or you will out before the game play.


3, Considerate to respect with the risk.

penny stock to buy

To keep your profit or loss, you need respect with he risk. This is because the penny stocks are the thinner traded and can become the huge volatile. These factors that impact the stocks change quicker. You should know how big your risk as your fact. So always respect the risk.


4, Always keeping your trading journal.

stock to buy

For the beginners, the most best way that you should do us make your own trading journal. Make your size positions that you took and considerate whether you already had profit or loss in the trade. Your journal wull give you the best technique for your trading.

After you know tips how to buy the Penny Stock for beginner, you can start know what is the best penny stock to buy, they are:

1, Gerdau SA (ADR) (GGB)

what is the best stock to buy

The Gerdau SA is the largest steel manufacturers in Brazil with the best market values. But there are some issues with the company, but in the fact you can get the good new for your penny stocks.

2, The Castle Brads Inc (ROX)

what is the best penny stock

You can get the Rox price at 84 cents and the ROX has over than 30% of the year to date which can increase and place the Penny stock territory.


Best Buying of Penny Stocks for Reference
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